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Prioritizing Chores.

I knew it was time to cut back on some of my household chores when I realized I spent all day cleaning and not enough time with my daughter. This month I prioritized, cut back, and purchased cleaning tools that would help me clean faster. Since deciding to homeschool I realized that I had to… Continue reading Prioritizing Chores.

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Natural Cleaning Products.

When I started using essential oils this summer I also investigated switching over some of my cleaning products to natural cleaning products. Some worked better than others and there are some cleaning products considered unnatural that I refuse to change.

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New Years Goals. Wait, It’s Still August.

However, you plan out your goals or plans just keep in mind to give yourself some grace. We can not foresee the future and that is why we have to give ourselves some wiggle room when we have to drop a goal we set.

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Happy New Year! Wait, it’s August.

I am a firm believer that calendars shouldn’t be overloaded with activities, but we all have things we do outside the home. It’s unavoidable. Planning and organizing out your year is the best way to feel prepared for the new year approaching.