Just Cooking.

Ever Thursday I like to either cook frozen chicken breasts or chicken thighs in the Instant Pot. This recipe calls for chicken thighs and it's delicious! Here is the recipe: Instant Pot Sweet Soy Chicken Thighs posted by SOMMER COLLIER I used Tyson frozen, boneless, and skinless chicken thighs. Decrease the time on the pressure cooker… Continue reading Just Cooking.

Tips & Tricks

Instant Pots Do Not Explode.

I just joined the crazy crowd and purchased an Instant Pot! Yes, I have given in to the enticements of this little metal machine. With all it’s buttons and the dreaded steam release valve I took the plunge and bought the name brand Instant Pot. When I first pulled it out of it’s box I… Continue reading Instant Pots Do Not Explode.