Mommy Diaries

Thursday Mommy Diaries.

This week I've been dealing with my daughter's allergies. I finally took her to the doctor and they were able to prescribe an allergy medicine for her. Hopefully, this helps. I've also starting using an air filter in her room. We will see if that does anything to help. I just completed my Christmas shopping… Continue reading Thursday Mommy Diaries.



What I'm Reading Teach Your Own The John Holt Book of Home Schooling By John Holt A Year in Provence By Peter Mayle   What Katie Is Reading Bon Voyage, Lucy! By Elizabeth Dennis Barton Illustrated By Milena Kirkova Animal Alphabet Slide & Seek the ABCs By Alex Lluch Llama Llama yum yum yum! By… Continue reading Books

My Daughter

Fairies & Pixie Dust

One morning Katie woke up and she seemed like a different person. A different person in a good way. I’m not sure what happened between 8pm and 7:30am, but Katie changed a little. It seemed the little baby ways are slowing changing into toddler ways. It started with how much Katie talked that day. Some… Continue reading Fairies & Pixie Dust

Random Thoughts

Tornadoes and Other Such Things.

Can I say that I’m glad 2017 is over with? Granted we had some good times, but some not so good times. There was a husband looking for a job, not living in our own home, and the feeling of not knowing what to do with myself because of not having my own home. Oh… Continue reading Tornadoes and Other Such Things.