Just Cooking.

Ever Thursday I like to either cook frozen chicken breasts or chicken thighs in the Instant Pot. This recipe calls for chicken thighs and it's delicious! Here is the recipe: Instant Pot Sweet Soy Chicken Thighs posted by┬áSOMMER COLLIER I used Tyson frozen, boneless, and skinless chicken thighs. Decrease the time on the pressure cooker… Continue reading Just Cooking.

Mommy Diaries

Thursday Mommy Diaries.

This week I've been dealing with my daughter's allergies. I finally took her to the doctor and they were able to prescribe an allergy medicine for her. Hopefully, this helps. I've also starting using an air filter in her room. We will see if that does anything to help. I just completed my Christmas shopping… Continue reading Thursday Mommy Diaries.

Mommy Diaries

Monday Mommy Diaries.

November was a month! Sickness Thanksgiving Things we had to go to Katie catching a bad cold and developing allergies I was busy and this month looks busy too! Thankfully, I am getting my ducks in a row this morning and focusing on what we need to do this month. I've also completed all my… Continue reading Monday Mommy Diaries.