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Kristy Risner


Why I only purchase dōTERRA oils.

After using many of dōTERRA ’s oils I am thoroughly impressed by the quality of each oil. As a company I love how they are commited to only selling the highest quality of oils, how they source their oils through Co-Impact Sourcing, how they educate those using their oils, and how there is a wonderful community of dōTERRA users.

The Great dōTERRA Community.

The people that I’ve reached out to for help in learning how to use each oil are amazing. I never once felt like I was left out in the dark. That is the first thing that impressed me about dōTERRA. They aren’t selling a gimmick; they truly want people to be educated in the benefits of essential oils.

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Why dōTERRA?

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How to order.

Click the link to be directed to my dōTERRA website!

Kristy Risner



Once there simply click Become A Member!

The best way to purchase from dōTERRA.

Sign up for dōTERRA’s Wholesale Customer account.

Membership fee is $35.00 for 12 months. Renewal fee after that is only $25.00. plus members receive a free bottle of peppermint every time they renew!

The Benefits of membership.

Save 25% on all dōTERRA’s products.

Join the Loyalty Rewards Program and earn points towards shipping and purchases. You may also qualify for the free product of the month! (That’s how I received my free bottle of Cedarwood!)

Sign up for dōTERRA’s Wholesale Customer account by purchasing a kit.

Membership fee is waived with the purchase of an enrollment kit. There are many to choose from. The most recommend kit is the Family Essentials Kit and Beadlets for $150.00.


Receive the same benefits that come along with a Wholesale Customer account.

Questions you may have.

Do I have to purchase a kit?

Though purchasing a kit is the best and cheapest way to stock up on some of the most essential of essential oils, you still receive all the benefits when you simple pay the $35.00 Wholesale Member fee.

Do I have to sell dōTERRA products?

No! There is no obligation to sell dōTERRA products.

What if I have questions about ordering?

No worries! I can help you!

What if I have questions about essential oils?

I can still help you!

How do I contact you?

My email is pjscoffeemom@gmail.com

If you have any questions please contact me. I am here to help! I will answer any questions you may have about essential oils or the dōTERRA company.