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Natural Cleaning Products.

When I started using essential oils this summer I also investigated switching over some of my cleaning products to natural cleaning products. Some worked better than others and there are some cleaning products considered unnatural that I refuse to change.


This Week.

This week I’m reviewing some of my natural cleaning products I love using and what unnatural cleaning products I refuse to change. Look out for a blog this week on my new love affair with the Dollar Tree store and will I survive the trip to Chuck e Cheese this week? Let me know if… Continue reading This Week.


This Week.

This week I’ll give you a peek into some of my favorite cleaning tools and let you know how our first week of not-preschool is going.  This month it's all about cleaning! I know, exciting right? Think about your favorite cleaning tools. What tools help streamline your chores? Don’t forget to comment, like, share, and… Continue reading This Week.

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Homeschool Setup.

September is when I start a very basic preschool with my daughter Katie. By basic I mean basic. The goal is not to bog down my daughter with curriculum, but simply work on the Alphabet, Numbers, and have plenty of sensory play. Play is really the goal this year and my daughter will be given… Continue reading Homeschool Setup.

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Children and Essential Oils.

Let’s be real. Essential oils are not regulated by the FDA. With that in mind as a parent you need to be active in keeping up with essential oils safety. Don’t just follow the crowd or the company’s idea of safety.