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Lifted Up A Children’s Story of Christ Love.

Lifted Up written by Ashley Gooden is a book that I am pleased to have in my daughter’s book collection. A combination of teaching children the love of their earthly father and the love of their heavenly father, this book celebrates where true love comes from. It is rare these days to find a book that encourages not only father/children relationships, but also teaches so beautifully Christ’s love for them.

The Author:

A mother of three sons, wife to a rancher, a Colorado prairie woman, a stay at home, and a home-schooling Mom Ashley stays busy! When she isn’t taking care of her family, she enjoys teaching Bible studies, writing, and photography.

The Story:

A father and son spend the day taking care of the ranch. The father often must lift his son up to help him throughout the day. As the earthly father lifts his son up it mirrors our heavenly Father lifting us up. The story concludes with the salvation message and a wonderful poem called “God, Please Lift Me Up” written by Ashley Gooden. The poem can be read out loud to your child to teach them of Christ’s love.

What I Liked:

There is a great father and son relationship in the book which cements how important it is for fathers to be apart of their children’s lives.

The book also provides a wonderful way to teach salvation to little ones and to discuss Christ’s love for us.

The art work is adorable, and I loved it’s based in Colorado!

What I Didn’t Like:

To be honest, nothing. It’s an adorable children’s book!

Would I Recommend Purchasing This Book:

Yes! This is a great book to add to your child’s book collection. You can find the book on Amazon (just click the link below).

Kristy Risner

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