Mommy Diaries

Thursday Mommy Diaries.

This week I’ve been dealing with my daughter’s allergies. I finally took her to the doctor and they were able to prescribe an allergy medicine for her. Hopefully, this helps. I’ve also starting using an air filter in her room. We will see if that does anything to help.

I just completed my Christmas shopping and Christmas wrapping. Now it’s just getting through all the Christmas events we need to attend. Is it just me or are there a million events one has to attend between Thanksgiving and Christmas?

I’m also preparing to order some preschool curriculum for my daughter. We will be using Sonlight and a few things from Abeka. Has anyone had any experience with these companies?

I also know that I need to really sit down and figure out this blogging thing.  I admit it, I got behind! I have a few things I would like to try out, but does anyone have any suggestions that they would like to see me blog about?

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Kristy Risner



2 thoughts on “Thursday Mommy Diaries.”

  1. Interested to hear a review on your preschool curriculum once you have it! I’m just started using Abeka completely with my oldest and of course that has me now considering it for my little too.
    Have missed your blogs but total understand life happens too 😉!

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  2. Thanks! I am hoping to get back to the swing of things soon. Katie’s allergies got us a bit behind on things. I will definitely do a review on the preschool curriculum. I’ve been reading the reviews and watching Youtube videos on it which have helped peak my interest. We will be trying it out when we start up school in January.

    Hope homeschooling is going well for you this year! 🙂


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