Mommy Diaries

Wednesday & Thursday.

44304586_10212963388339050_2516867749037211648_nCub Club started up again and Katie is thrilled! Our zoo has many wonderful homeschool programs for families. If your a homeschooler take a peek at what your local zoo has to offer. I know our zoo also has credited courses for highschoolers as well.

Wednesday was also a stressful driving day for Mommy. I hate driving. I really hate driving in bad weather. Wednesday Katie and I both got soaked as it down poured all day while we were out.

Which is way Mommy has a head cold today.

Thursday we spent the day with Nana making cookies. Had a ton of fun and Katie did pretty well decorating the cookies.

As Christmas is approaching I am working through my Christmas shopping list. I’ll let you know what I purchased for Katie. Anyone started their Christmas shopping yet?

Kristy Risner

4 thoughts on “Wednesday & Thursday.”

  1. I’m with you on the driving in bad weather. It’s usually sunny and dry in Southern California, so, when there’s even a hint of a sprinkle, every driver panics and it feels like suicide to even just think of going out.

    Thinking of Christmas sends me into hysterical laughter. My husband is better at doing the shopping than I am. I’m mostly panicking about where to put all the toys our kids will get because I have a large extended family and he has divorced parents. It’s great you’re already working on the shopping this early. I wish I could be as organized.

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  2. I haven’t started my Christmas shopping yet, but I need to be prepared this time of year for when other members of the family asking me if I have any ‘ideas for the children’ yet 🙂. Just like you, I dread more stuff coming into the house as it’s already full…

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    1. There is still plenty of time! 🙂 I would definitely recommend figuring out what you would like for your kiddos. Otherwise you might get stuff they wouldn’t like. I requested a zoo pass this year that maybe something to consider.

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