Homeschool Adjustment.

Katie doesn’t like the Micky Mouse worksheets. They bore her. Do I force her to do them or do I just let it go and try something else?

I choose the let it go choice.

Also, the idea of her having to hold a pencil and trace a letter is ridiculous. How can I expect her to trace a letter that she doesn’t grasp yet and having never held a pencil before write? Katie at age three does not need to know her alphabet. To be honest she can sing the alphabet, but she hasn’t really grasped the concept of identifying her letters. That’s okay. She is a whiz at counting, easily counting to twenty. She can identify shapes and colors easily. That is what a three-year-old needs to know.

This month I realized that what Katie may need is some fine motor skills. We will still work on the alphabet, but we are putting aside the worksheets. She needs to develop strength in her little fingers to hold a pencil first before she ever traces a letter. She also needs to develop some hand eye coordination.

She really enjoys sensory play. Her favorite activity is spraying water everywhere with a spray bottle. A great tool to develop strength in the fingers. I also have a rice and scoop activity planned this week. The scoop will strengthen her grasp and teach her a little bit about patience.

Hmmmm, I may need to do that activity too.

I’m a new homeschool Mom and I am learning as I go. I must remember it’s okay to change things up!

Kristy Risner

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