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Monthly Grocery Shopping.

Food is expensive. There is no way to get around that fact. Milk, meat, vegetables, and fruit cost a bit of money. In researching ways people grocery shop I am in awe of those large families that not only provide good food for their family, but manage to save money at the same time.

I am not a grocery shopping guru. Don’t look for tips and tricks here. However, despite my lack of grocery shopping skills I am looking at saving money when grocery shopping. This month I am starting the process of only shopping once a month. Last week I went to two stores twice to load up on necessities like meat, eggs, and canned goods. I even have our entire month of meals planned and know exactly what I need to make these meals. Not going to lie. It was a bit of work.

However, other than buying more milk this week I need nothing else at the grocery store. From what I have learned it takes a while to get into the routine of only shopping once a month. I am hoping we can permanently switch to doing this.

How often do you grocery shop? Any once a month grocery shoppers out there?

Kristy Risner

3 thoughts on “Monthly Grocery Shopping.”

  1. Once a week here. I dream of shopping once a month because I simply hate grocery shopping 🤪. I do feel like I would save so much money if I did. I just haven’t tackled the task of planning for a month of meals, it seems so daunting.

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    1. It was daunting! lol I think this month I will give myself a little more time to plan the meals so I don’t feel as rushed. My husband has requested that every Tuesday be a taco Tuesday. Having the same meal every week will help. My hope is that it eventually becomes easier to plan and I will develop a little know how over time. I will say, so far nice not knowing the meals ahead of time!


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