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Prioritizing Chores.

I knew it was time to cut back on some of my household chores when I realized I spent all day cleaning and not enough time with my daughter. This month I prioritized, cut back, and purchased cleaning tools that would help me clean faster.

Since deciding to homeschool I realized that I had to cut back on my cleaning to give time to homeschooling. The last couple of months I have been thinking about what chores need to be done weekly and what chores need to be done once a month.

For me and this maybe different for you, but I believe bathrooms and floors need to be done once a week. I can’t stand a filthy bathroom and a gross floor is just that, gross! These are chores that must be done once a week. I choose to do these chores Monday and Tuesday which seem to be good days for me to spend a little longer on chores. Next, the laundry and changing the sheets on the beds are also important. Laundry is done twice a week Wednesdays and Saturdays. Changing the sheets on the beds is done first thing Monday morning.

Dusting has been moved to once a month which has freed up my Wednesdays. I do try to wipe down the kitchen once a week on Thursdays, but since I do clean my kitchen every morning after breakfast this chore can be skipped if needed. I do a thoroughly cleaning of my kitchen once a month.

So far, this month has gone well by cutting back and prioritizing my chores. Of course, I still have the normal chores everyday like cleaning the cat box, washing dishes, and taking out the trash, but these can be done quickly.

Lastly, over the last several months I have purchased a few cleaning tools that have helped cut down the time it takes to complete some of my chores. Read about them in my blog entitled Cleaning Tools. Yes, you do have to spend a little money buying these tools, but it is worth having them if it keeps your house clean and saves you time.

This is a look on how I have cut back and prioritized my chores. As I mentioned in the beginning your chores and time our different from mine. Though let’s face it we all must keep a clean house and we all have chores to do. How do you prioritize your chores? Leave a comment below!

Kristy Risner

2 thoughts on “Prioritizing Chores.”

  1. Children and chores never seem to go hand in hand even though both must be taken care of. I love how doable your schedule sounds since I look at cleaning schedules on Pinterest and can’t help but laugh at how busy they are. My rule of thumb is one major chore Monday -Friday and eventually everything gets cleaned once or twice a month. It means my home constantly looks messy, but at least I have one thing a day that’s clean and pretty to remind me I actually did clean.

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    1. You have to find what works for you! I looked at other peoples chore schedule and realized it wouldn’t work for me either. For me, just choosing a few things a week that need cleaning helps me to cut back a bit. I am the worst at feeling that I need to keep cleaning. Cutting back has been hard for me, but I am definitely less tired at the end of the day! One major chore a day sounds like a good plan. Everything gets cleaned, but not all at once!

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