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Natural Cleaning Products.

When I started using essential oils this summer I also investigated switching over some of my cleaning products to natural cleaning products. Some worked better than others and there are some cleaning products considered unnatural that I refuse to change. Just like having the right cleaning tool, the right cleaning products are important too.

For my kitchen and my bathrooms, I was using Clorox wipes. They work well, but they would dry out my hands and using them every day just wasn’t helping my hands. I started making my own household cleaner. I use a recipe from DoTerra which I will provide a link below. It’s such a simple recipe. Water, vinegar, and I use DoTerra’s On Guard essential oil to kill germs.

To scrub the grime out of my tubs and sinks I use another recipe from DoTerra.  It only requires baking soda, castle soap, lemon essential oil, and water. This one smells great and works wonders at removing the grime. The benefit of making my own scrub is I no longer have rashes that will appear on my hands.

The last natural product I use is Mrs. Meyers liquid Dish Soap. Right now, I am using the lemon scented one and it smells heavenly! It doesn’t suds up as much as Dawn dish soap, but so far it effectively cleans the grime of the dishes.

Evil Non-Natural Products

I made my own furniture oil for a few months, but I grew tired of always having to make the stuff. I also found that the olive oil would leave a slimy residue if you weren’t careful. It just is more efficient for me to stick with Pledge.

Toilet bowl cleaner. I REFUSE to stick my hand in the toilet. I don’t care if it’s flushed! I will always use the greatest invention ever made: Clorox Toiletwand! It comes with disposable toilet scrub. You can also store it discreetly in a white stand.

Though I started using Borox to help boost my laundry I haven’t taken the plunge in trying a natural laundry detergent. I am also looking into using wool balls instead of dryer sheets. If you know of a good natural laundry detergent or have used wool balls in the dryer let me know.

I still use Clorox wipes though rarely now. I prefer to use them for when I am handling chicken and they are handy with certain messes. However, to disinfect other surfaces I use my homemade cleaner with a rag.

Using natural products has helped me to breath easier when cleaning and has saved my hands! However, I think a balance of both natural products and non-natural cleaning products works for me. Do you use natural products? Let me know in the comments below!

Cleaner Recipes:

DoTERRA’s All-Purpose Spray

DoTERRA’s Soft Scrub Cleanser

Mrs. Meyer’s Official Shop

Kristy Risner


4 thoughts on “Natural Cleaning Products.”

  1. I was a die hard Tide and Downy user but have been using Melaluaca brand laundry detergent and softener for the past. Year or so and it is BETTER than Tide/Downy!! I was very surprised at how well it works. I also use most of their cleaning products as well. Thy are free of harsh chemicals.

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  2. Definitely bookmarking this post! It’s been a long 4 year battle, but my husband is finally coming around to using natural cleaners. Next battle is letting me make my own and not telling me I’m nuts, so I’ll be saving this for future reference. Thanks!

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