First Week Of Homeschool.

September 4th was our first day of school. Or as I enjoy putting it, our first day of Not Preschool. This week we just dipped our little toes into homeschool and got a tiny feel for it. I do not use a curriculum, but I found a few things that, so far, seem to work. I’ll share those in a later blog once we’ve had a few weeks under our belt. For now, this is how our week went.


Okay, it was Labor Day; who really wants to start school on Labor Day?


We learned about the color red and started our first shape, the circle! We sat down together and read a few books.


We went to the zoo and saw some cool tigers. We also had our Cub Club meeting that our local zoo has every Summer.


Reading day! I have a reading log for Katie. Once we’ve read a 100 books she can pick out a book at Barnes and Nobles. We also colored and watched the first episode of Reading Rainbow. Boy, did that bring back memories of my own childhood!


Today we will learn about Polar Bears and do a fun activity involving ice and toy polar bears.

Eating lunch at the zoo is fun!
Our favorite animal!
School work. Pinky Pie decided to join in on the fun too. 🙂

Overall, this week went well. School took about 30ish minutes a day. Most of that time was spent reading together. I also purchased Katie a fun pencil box and filled it with new crayons, pencils, and erasers. She loved having her own pencil box and enjoyed putting it in her own drawer in our school cart.

This is Katie’s first year of preschool and I am keeping it simple and short. Play is more important than worksheets and sitting still for a long time. She needs ample time to play and plenty of time to read books together.

This year I am keeping this quote from John Holt in mind. “Children need what we rarely give them in school – time for “messing about.”

Kristy Risner


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