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Children and Essential Oils.

You may have noticed I haven’t written about essential oils this month. The reason was I needed time to research essential oils safety. I became concerned about using essential oils around my daughter. The essential oils group that I am with tend to be a bit more casual about essential oils use. They also didn’t have much advice concerning children under ten years old. Hence, I needed time to research. This blog is about what I have found out.

Let’s be real. Essential oils are not regulated by the FDA. With that in mind as a parent you need to be active in keeping up with essential oils safety. Don’t just follow the crowd or the company’s idea of safety. Keep in mind that when you start your research you are going to run into so many different views on oil safety. Since essential oils are not regulated by the FDA that means people must set their own standards.

Some are more conservative than others. During my journey into essential oils I have become more conservative with my usage of oils. Especially, for my daughter. Her well being is more important than mommy trying out her new oils.

Let’s get down to it.

Certain oils can not be applied or diffused for certain age groups. I am providing a link to a list of essential oils divided my ages that can not be used around children.

Proverbial Homemaker Essential Oils NOT Safe for Kids by Tauna Meyer

I follow this list concerning applying and diffusing oils around my daughter. However, I agree with Robert Tisserand and Rodney Young who wrote the book Essential Oil Safety. They recommend being extremely careful in using oils on infants and to not use oils on premature babies. Personally, I would take a more extreme route and recommend not using oils at all until three years old. Consult your child’s doctor before using oils with children under two. This is just my opinion. Again, I take a more conservative approach.

Another great resource for using essential oils for children is Mommypotamus Safe Essential Oils For Babies And Children by Heather. She lists safe essential oils to use with the different ages and believes in not applying oils to children under three months.

One thing I realized in researching essential oil usage is to stop thinking of them as a great way to make the house smell pretty. Pure essential oils are powerful and need to be treated just like you would treat an over the counter medication. As Anne from A Farm Girl In The Making put it, and I am loosely quoting her, “You wouldn’t take an Advil everyday just to prevent a headache.” Same goes for using essential oils. If you are constantly using the digestive blend or a night time blend oil everyday you may have more issues than an essential oil can solve. That includes your children. You shouldn’t have to constantly diffuse lavender oil ever night.

They recommend first figuring out what is wrong, trying an essential oil to see if that helps, but if it doesn’t you need to go to your doctor. For them, essential oils work hand in hand with modern medicine. I agree. Essential oils will not eliminate the need for you to see your doctor or to stop using modern medicines. Essential oils can be used, but hand in hand with modern medicine.

If you are wanting some down to earth advice on using essential oils I would recommend watching How To Get Started With Essential Oils| With Ann, from A Farm Girl in the Making on Amy Fewell – The Fewell Homestead YouTube channel. Great advice and very practical.

In my household I have developed a plan in using essential oils.

  1. I keep a list of unsafe essential oils handy. I check and double check all essential oil blends to make sure that I do not use them around or on my daughter.
  2. I take an extreme approach to diluting my daughter’s oils. I use a 10 ml bottle with 2 tsps of carrier oil and a 1% dilution (2 drops).
  3. I only use essential oils when she needs them. That includes lavender for sleep.
  4. I still use modern medicine for my daughter and for ourselves. I haven’t thrown away the children’s aspirin or our ibuprofen. Like essential oils I take great care in using them, too.
  5. I diffuse for only an hour and for thirty minutes around my daughter.
  6. I make sure never to leave essential oils where my daughter can reach them. After I’m done using an oil it is stored away from my daughter.
  7. When in doubt don’t use an oil.
  8. Join a group to that fits you and that can help you use essential oils safely. If that leader cannot tell you dilution rates do not take their advice or purchase oils from them. I joined this group to help learn more about children and essential oils. Essential Oil Safety For Babies And Kids on Facebook.

I still love using essential oils. What I found in my research is a deeper understanding of how to use them and how they can play a part in your family’s health.

Kristy Risner

2 thoughts on “Children and Essential Oils.”

  1. Well said. My vet’s office had to post a warning after a rise in violent pet reactions in her office.

    I love EOs, but now I just keep a few select ones for travel and just make sure to discontinue use before coming back home.

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    1. I have to admit when I first started using essential oils I just used them without much thought. I believed you could use them everyday. Now I see the wisdom in being careful with them. Not avoiding them, but using them only when needed.

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