3 thoughts on “This Week.”

  1. My goal is to survive the week! My oldest starts a playschool program this week, two mornings a week. It’s not a lot, but I’m nervous for the both of us and worrying about how he’ll do since he hasn’t been away from us for his entire life. So I’m hoping to just survive this week with my nerves only slightly frayed.

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      1. Thanks! So far all is going well, but I’m dreading the novelty wearing off as I just might cave in and take him home instead of leaving him. I love one on one time with my daughter, but we’re honestly a little lost without her brother.

        I had hoped to start applying this fall, but my family seems to be conspiring to keep me home, so it’ll be a little later than planned, but I’m not giving up on a career. Thanks for asking!


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