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Don’t Be That Strange Dance Mom.

Ballet started up again and Katie is thrilled! She loves dancing. The first day of ballet was a little hectic. You could feel the excitement and nervousness of all the parents as they hovered over their children and took a million pictures of them. Since this is my second year I hung back to give my daughter space and I didn’t want to add to the chaos. However, I had my own mommy issues to deal with.


I may not have taken a million pictures partly because my camera wasn’t wanting to work as you can tell by this picture of Katie, but I had my own feelings to deal with. It was the feeling of wanting my daughter to excel. I as her mommy wanted her to be that shining star and outshine all the other little girls in her class. I wanted her to impress the teacher with her amazing ballet skills.

Sounds corny right?

Well, it is.

It’s tough as a mom not to get wrapped up in your child’s activities. It’s tough to just be content with your daughter simply enjoying her class without getting wrapped up in your own private competition with the other parents in the room. Last night after ballet I had to seriously decide if I was going to be the overbearing dance mom or just be the mom who wants her daughter to do her best and enjoy her class.

My husband told me that the reality is Katie may not be that great at ballet, but if she is having fun and making new friends that is all that matters. He’s right. Next year she may not want to do ballet and that is okay. I just want her to have fun and learn a few new things. It’s more important that Katie learn and have fun than for me to fulfill some Mom fantasy about the amazing dancing three-year-old.

At age three Katie simply enjoys wearing her pretty tutu, hanging out with her amazing dance teacher, and having the opportunity to dance till her little heart is content. That is all that matters. Its best as a mom to stand back and let Katie do her best than a mom that pushes her daughter way too far.

I love that Katie loves her ballet class. I love that she enjoys spinning and twirling. What an opportunity Katie has to learn a few ballet moves and spend some time with other children her age.

Goodbye strange dance mom!

Kristy Risner

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