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New Years Goals. Wait, It’s Still August.

I do believe in setting yearly goals for yourself and your family. Sometimes that has to do with fitness, finances, and schooling. There are many reasons we may set goals for the New Year and though that is wonderful sometimes those goals fall apart. Sometimes the goals we set may not be achieved or simply need to be changed.

There are many ways people set their goals. Some write them down, others announce it in a blog or a Facebook post, while others keep it filed away in their mind. It really doesn’t matter how you express your goals it’s knowing the difference between a plan and a goal.

There is a difference between a plan and a goal. If you are struggling financially setting a goal isn’t going to solve the problem; what you need is a plan of action. A firm plan set in stone to follow so you can get out of debt. If you have a medical condition and you need to change your diet you need a plan to help save your life not just a goal. A plan is an action you take to solve a problem.

If you want to read more books you set a goal. If you want to cook more, you set a goal. If you want to travel more, you again set a goal. We look at our year and see things that we would like to do this year. A goal is what you make when you want to try something new.

First, figure out what needs to be a plan and what’s just a personal goal. Things can change in a year. You may have a goal to work out more, but later that year you find out you have a medical condition that causes you to have to stop working out. A goal to read more books is wonderful, but you may have something happen that year that keeps you busy and you need more sleep rather than more time to read.

Struggling to pay the bills, needing to change your lifestyle for health reasons, and rearranging your calendar to help a family member is a cause for a plan of action. Goals are great, but don’t beat yourself over the head because you couldn’t complete a goal. Things can change in a year and there is no way we can plan for those changes. It’s okay. Don’t allow your goals to bring you down.

However, you plan out your goals or plans just keep in mind to give yourself some grace. We can not foresee the future and that is why we have to give ourselves some wiggle room when we have to drop a goal we set. This year set your goals, but don’t let them hold you down!

Kristy Risner

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