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Anti Preschool.


20180808_123022For those of you wondering about the title of this blog. This is not a bash those that send their children to preschool. I’m not that type of blog. It’s a tongue and cheek title to celebrate the freedom I feel after choosing to homeschool our daughter. Since this is the month that many will post first day of school photos I decided we needed one too.

Since my daughter is three I am not overly concerned that she starts preschool. For me learning is all year long and comes from many different sources. You can say, that I lean more towards the unschooling approach. What I really believe is that it is more important my daughter have time to play than to sit down and work on worksheets. She is three and three-year-olds need that time to play.

That’s not to say that I don’t have a few things planned this year. She’s involved in ballet again, is taking a fun class at our local zoo, and is enjoying story time at our local library. We will still be using ABC Mouse which is her favorite program right now and I have a few fun projects planned. For the most part though, Katie’s preschool education is playing, lots of books, and exploring.

I realize that I am just beginning this homeschooling path. I know that we will have good times and bad times. I still have a lot to learn. However, I can’t help but to be excited. I can’t help but to feel that this is the path God meant for us to take concerning Katie’s education and I am thrilled to be a part of it. I can either panic about this or embrace it as a journey as our adventure.

Learning is all year long and she will be learning for the rest of her life. I am still learning new things all the time. Learning isn’t just found in a school building or a workbook it’s all around through play, interaction, imagination, and curiosity about this world. What an amazing adventure!

Kristy Risner

4 thoughts on “Anti Preschool.”

  1. Preschool is such an interesting concept. Some days, it sounds like every parent is putting their toddler in preschool to help give them an academic leg up, which is ridiculous because it’s supposed to focus on play and socialization. A few years ago, I read that kids who were put into preschools that stressed academics had more problems in school because they learned concepts their brains were not ready to learn yet, so they got stuck with inflexible schemas. At 3, kids should be playing and exploring themselves and their interests. I’m sure your daughter will be amazingly well-adjusted, especially with a mom who is really looking out for her and her best interests! Best of luck to you as you start your homeschooling journey and I wish you both plenty of fun and laughter!

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    1. I just don’t believe in preschool. My sister is a kindergarten teacher and she said what children learn in a structured preschool can easily be taught at home. I just didn’t want Katie to have to spend her days with everything being structured. I also have not purchased any preschool curriculum. We can easily teach her the ABCs and counting without the need of worksheets. What children need at age three is not a structured classroom, but the ability to have unstructured play. Just playing will teach them so much more than a workbook. Katie’s first day of Not Preschool consisted of swimming, reading books with her Mommy, and playing with her My Little Ponies! It was a rough day at school! 😉

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      1. Some children thrive on structure and some don’t, but all young children learn best by simply playing. I hate the early push for academic success and trying to convince a 1 year old to recite the ABCs. Your anti preschool sounds lovely and every child would greatly benefit from it. What kid wouldn’t want to swim, read, and play all day?

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