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My New Llama Planner!

I love planners! There is something wonderful about writing down your day in a planner. I know it’s old- fashioned. For most people they use their computers or phones. For me though, writing something down helps to cement it in my mind of what needs to be done. Also, it’s just plain fun to pick out and design your own planner.

Last year I purchased a simple planner which worked fine, but I realized I needed one with a few more options. This New Year (August) I spent a little bit more money and bought a planner from erincondren, an online stationary and planner store. This store has so many different types of planners to choose from and you can personalize them. For those of you who are planner junkies this is your store!

I selected a Deluxe Monthly Planner 8.5 X 11 spiral bound. This Deluxe Planner comes with a twelve-month calendar spread, tabs to locate your page, note paper, folder, and stickers. It also comes with quotes, year view, monthly view, and a peek into next year. As you can tell, this planner is full of useful stuff to plan your year.

What makes erincondren planners so unique is the ability to really make it your own planner. I choose the Llama Lineup design, had purple for the background, and added more note paper. I was even able to have my name printed on the front cover! There are so many colors to choose from and you can have anything printed on the front cover.

There are tons of planner accessories as well. You can purchase stickers, bookmarks, bill and teacher snap-in dashboards, pens, markers, and planner folios to hold your planner and accessories. The accessories are bright and colorful and can match your planner.

For me, I choose a Bill Tracker Dashboard which is a plastic insert that you write on with erasable markers. I also choose a set of magnetic bookmarks with the llama theme of course! There was a ton to choose from, but I am happy with my purchase. I was also able to choose varies dates to start my calendar. Since my New Year starts in August I choose August 2018-July 2019.

After using this planner for several weeks, I have to say I am hooked. Even though it is pricier than a planner at your local Wal-Mart it is worth it for those who love keeping track of their weeks and want something unique. I highly recommend this planner company for anyone who doesn’t want a boring old planner!

Kristy Risner

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