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She Watches TV?!

I’m one of those moms! I let my daughter watch cartoons.

If you thought breastfeeding or bottle-feeding was a hot topic wait until you discuss TV time with people! People have all kinds of opinions on what a child should watch and how much they should watch.

It’s up to you!

We typically allow our daughter to watch cartoons while she eats a snack in the afternoon and then an hour before bedtime. We enjoy all sitting together and watching her favorite show with her. I haven’t seen any damaging affects to my daughter. She plays with her toys, reads a ton of books, plays outside for hours (when it’s not super-hot), swims, and enjoys story time at the library. Also, she has an AMAZING imagination that watching cartoons hasn’t damaged.

I’m not suggesting that you shouldn’t monitor how much your child spends watching TV or what they watch. What I am saying is we need to just take a chill pill and not feel so guilty when they do watch TV. TV has benefits too. My daughter loves retelling her favorite cartoon with her toys. She loves singing the theme songs, and she really enjoys reading books that relate to her favorite cartoon. In fact, my husband says the stories from PJ Masks, Elana of Avalor, Sophia the First, Mickey Mouse Club/Racers, My Little Pony, The Fraggles, and Miles from Tomorrowland have contributed to her creativity, ingenuity, primary education, and early socialization.

This last month the weather outside has been hot and humid. We have remained indoors for most of July except for family outings and to swim. Katie’s TV viewing has gone up a little more and I don’t feel guilty about it. She still plays well even with the TV off. I know once the weather cools down a bit we will be outside once again.

The topic of how much TV your child watches needs to be laid to rest just like whether you bottle or breast feed. How much TV your child watches is up to you. I know most parents monitor the TV just like we do. We know what shows she watches, we turn it off when it’s time, and we always encourage reading. We look for shows that entertain her while also providing opportunities for her to learn about language, math, science, history, and ethics. Most parents that I know do the same. Lay this topic to rest and stop feeling so guilty about it.

Kristy and Lamont Risner

2 thoughts on “She Watches TV?!”

  1. I’m one of those moms, too! I grew up with PBS and zero cable until
    I was in high school, so I started putting Curious George on when my son was 18 months because he loves monkeys. As he got older, he became interested in the other PBS shows, so we have the TV on almost all day, but, most of the time, the kids are pulling out toys while the TV plays softly in the background and they ignore it, but won’t let me turn it off.

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    1. Sounds like they enjoy a little background noise. 🙂 Nothing wrong with that. I can’t do that with my daughter because she tends to be fixated rather than just enjoying it as background noise. We do have to set up a little bit of a schedule with her. Still though once it’s off she just goes off and plays . I haven’t seen any evidence that it’s ruining her imagination. IT sounds like it isn’t affecting your children either. This one of many debates that just needs to be laid to rest. We mothers have enough to worry about without feeling guilty about TV time.

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