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Put Down Your Phone!

Cell phones, iPad, and any other handy hand-held device can take up a lot of time for people. This month we hit on the topic of minimalism and how it’s not just about getting rid of stuff. It’s about living a minimalism life. As I was thinking about minimalism I realized that hand held devices take up more free time for people than anything else.

I could spend a lot of time gripping about how people will be at a restaurant together and instead of talking with one another at the table they have their faces glued to their phone. We could discuss how people can be visiting you and instead of engaging you they are checking Facebook. We could talk about how adults will spend more time on their cell phones than spending time with their children. I could go on and on.

Don’t allow your electronic device to take up precious time with loved ones!

It’s okay to check you phone, it’s okay to check Facebook, and it’s okay to use your phone for fun. Just don’t let it control you. Don’t let it be the thing your on during dinner, don’t let it be the thing that keeps you from watching your children, don’t let it be the thing that blocks out time with a friend or family member. Facebook will one day be obsolete, Instagram won’t be a thing, and that cool video game will one day be a relic. Your children, spouse, friends, family they won’t be around forever. Make the time with them.

Also, have some manners. If you’re at a restaurant or over at someone’s house, PUT YOUR PHONE AWAY! Okay, that’s my last grip.

Kristy Risner

1 thought on “Put Down Your Phone!”

  1. Such a good message! Then again, I hate smartphones with such a passion that I want to take a hammer to every one I see. But it’s really any and all devices that need to be put down. I once saw a family out to lunch where the parents each had a phone, the older child had a tablet, and the younger child was demanding mom’s phone. Those kinds of scenarios always make me sad, and desperately wishing for the Internet to just completely crash.


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