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Cedarwood Oil.

imagesWhat the heck do you use Cedarwood oil for?

I had just received a free bottle with my July order and I didn’t know what to do with Cedarwood oil. However, the best part about being on this essential oils journey is learning about each oil. Even the woodsy ones.

What’s it used for?

According to the DoTERRA website this oil can help relieve tension, act as a natural insect repellent, and be used as part of your daily facial cleansing. The oil can be diffused if you are having a stressful day and applied topically if diluted.

I also looked up Cedarwood oil in the Modern Essentials: A Contemporary Guide to the Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils app and found that cedarwood can also help with urinary tract infections, tuberculosis, fungus, coughing, and congestion.

According to The Healing Power of Essential Oils by Eric Zielinski, D.C. you can combined cedarwood with sandalwood and valerian to make a sleep blend. Will learn about sandalwood and valerian later. One oil at a time here.

Cedarwood has a wonderful smell to it. Just the smell right out of the bottle brings back memories of taking a walk in the forest. A great oil to use to help clear your mind.


Add four drops to your diffuser. I have a large diffuser and I added eight drops. The smell is strong so I started out small.


I used DoTERRA’s Fractionated Coconut Oil (three drops) combined with two drops of cedarwood oil. I rubbed the oil on the bottom of my feet.

Cedarwood was a nice little oil to learn more about and the great thing about joining DoTERRA are the wonderful free products you can acquire. These free products help you learn about oils that you may never have purchased!

If you have used cedarwood oil before, please let me know in the comments below!

Kristy Risner

6 thoughts on “Cedarwood Oil.”

  1. This sounds lovely! I’d love to make my home smell like the woods, especially since I found out I’m basically allergic to the world and currently need to stay inside as much as possible. Can’t wait to see if you try the sleep blend. If it works, I’ll probably be dousing my kids’ beds with it!

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    1. I dilute DoTERRA’s Serenity for my daughter and rub the bottom of her feet with it. You can also diffuse a few drops of Serenity or lavender in a child’s bedroom. I will definitely be writing a blog post soon on the DoTERRA’s sleep blend oil. I hope they start sleeping soon!!!!! Mommy needs some rest! 😦

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      1. I look forward to it! And really should try something on my daughter. I did try lavender once and she seemed sleepier, but then she started teething and I just didn’t think about it. Serenity sounds lovely, though, and we sure could use plenty of it!

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      2. Teething is so hard! Have your children always had trouble sleeping? Makes it hard on Mommy. 😦
        Both lavender and the Serenity blend work well. For children I would recommend diluting the oil with fractionated Coconut Oil. I used this dillution chart from Mommypotamus for my daughter.
        Dilutions is important for children since they have sensitive skin. You can rub the diluted oil on the bottoms of their feet. I wouldn’t rub it on an infants face.
        Diffusing is a nice way too. I just add two drops to my daughter’s diffuser at night.
        Hope this helps! Nothing worse than being up all night with the kids!

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      3. Oh, that’s a good point about dilution! I hadn’t thought of that. Though I have a hard enough time getting lotion on my son, so diffusing is probably going to be our route. He wasn’t always a difficult sleeper, but he’s 4 now and fears and bad dreams are starting to seep in. I’m hoping some serenity might help. My husband is on the fence about essential oils, but he’s the one who wakes with our son, so I think he’s coming around! My daughter was great as a newborn, and that was the last time she really slept. At 14 months, she sometimes wants to be up half the night and only naps 2-3 hours. I’m starting to get a little desperate! Diffusing lavender seemed to help, so perhaps it’s time to convince the husband to try it out. Thank you so much for your tips!

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