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Being A Part Of Their Discoveries.

20180711_104050_HDRLast week our family took a trip to Galveston, Texas. We had a great time and enjoyed eating out, beach gazing, and taking a dip in the ocean. One of the things we did for our daughter was visit The Moody Garden’s Aquarium. Right now, our daughter loves fish, seals, and sharks. We thought she would enjoy visiting an aquarium.

In a couple of years, we will start homeschooling our daughter. There will be many things to do to prepare for this, but what I am looking forward to is watching her learn new things. As we walked about the aquarium looking at all the unique sea life, I couldn’t help my excitement as I watched Katie learn about each creature. It stirred up the desire to home school her and my excitement at being able to be a part of her education.


One of Katie’s favorite creatures was the seal. This seal at Moody Gardens was giving Katie quite a show as he dived, twirled, and made circles around the tank. Katie sang to him an encouraging song as he danced in front of her. Of course, my mommy heart leaped for joy as I saw the excitement on my daughter’s face.

We are always “educating” Katie, but it’s fascinating to watch a child learn not by an organized curriculum, but just through trips such as this. Even a walk in the park is a wonderful educational opportunity for children. It’s the things you don’t prepare for that really make an impact in your child’s life.

What I learned at Moody Gardens was more than just sea life, but the importance of being present with your child to experience them learning something new. The magic of watching them discover really is amazing and the best part of being a parent.

Kristy Risner

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