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Minimalism Is Not Just About Stuff.

There are many blogs out there (a few of mine too) that talk a lot on getting rid of stuff. What about a discussion on our calendars? Can we fill our calendars with so many activities and chores that we take time away from family?

I recently realized that I spend too much time cleaning. (I hear some of you chuckling.)  Trying to keep my house in perfect order was taking up too much family time. I needed to let some things go and start streamlining my cleaning better. Keeping a clean house is still important, but I was letting it take up my entire day when I could be spending time with my daughter.

The first thing I did was eliminate some chores that weren’t vital. I began to investigate cleaning products that were easy to make on my own and finding cleaning tools that helped complete a chore quicker which gave me back some more of my time.

As we approach August there are activities that we will be signing my daughter up for. As much as I love signing my daughter up for stuff outside the home, I try to be selective in what we sign her up for. If I fill the calendar with clubs, sporting activities, or playdates she may not have time to chill, play, or just spend time with her Mom and Dad.

Same goes for me as well. If I fill my own calendar with too many activities it may take time away from friends and family. Activities outside the home are good, but too much can lead to stress and too much clutter on the calendar.

Take the time this week to think about stuff that may be cluttering up your calendar. What is taking time away from your family?

Feel free to comment below. I love reading your comments!

Kristy Risner

4 thoughts on “Minimalism Is Not Just About Stuff.”

  1. Such a great post! We can clutter up all aspects of our lives and forget what is truly important. Teaching our children to always hold God first and allowing them to see us make the step to free up time and make adjustments to make the right priorities will speak loudly into their lives and show them how important God is and how important they are! Thanks for the reminder!

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    1. God is so important and making sure to take the time to listen to Him requires us to free up some space in our day. Children learn by example. If they don’t see you taking the steps to spend time with them they won’t do that later on in life. Loved the points you brought up! Thank you for commenting and reading my blog! 🙂


    1. I wrote this blog to help remind myself! We all need reminders from time to time. Thanks for reading and commenting! 🙂


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