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Diffusing Oils.

I have become addicted to diffusing, much to the amusement of my sweet husband. Over these last couple of months, I have developed a few favorite oils that I love to diffuse. Along the way, I have also learned what works for my household as far as diffusing: how much oil to place in the diffuser, how long to diffuse, and how to diffusing without harming pets.

My favorite oils to diffuse:

dōTERRA Serenity Restful Blend

dōTERRA Console®  Comforting Blend *

dōTERRA Peace®  Reassuring Blend


Wild Orange

* Just a little side note: I found that the dōTERRA Console Comforting Blend can be strong. Its’s best to clean out your diffuser after you’ve diffused this blend.


How much oil should you place in a diffuser? I asked someone who has been using oils for a long time. They gave me some real good advice. Smell it first! Smell the oil before placing it in the diffuser. If it’s strong, then start off with just a few drops. If you don’t like the smell, don’t diffuse. Also, read the directions that come with your diffuser. Small diffusers usually can handle two to four drops. Large diffusers may accomodate roughly eight to ten drops. You can always add more later.

There are many different views on how long to diffuse. Some say you can diffuse all day and some say only for fifteen minutes. One key thing to remember is your body can only absorb so much of one oil. For me personally, I have found two hours to be enough. My DoTERRA diffusers have timers. So I always set mine for two hours. The only oils that I prefer to diffuse for longer are the citrus oils. I just enjoy the smell of these oils.

One reader brought up a good point this week concerning oils and pets. She mentioned that certain oils are not good around dogs and cats. Just like being aware that some oils may cause headaches for people, diffusing certain oils may make your pet uncomfortable. Cats especially have a keen sense of smell. As far as my cat goes, I haven’t had any issues, but I do follow some guidelines. I diffuse in open spaces. I never leave my cat trapped in a room with a diffuser going on. I also watch her if I am diffusing a new scent. If she is reacting uncomfortably I will stop diffusing.

What’s my advice? Remember to use only the purest of oils and to always sniff before diffusing!

Kristy Risner


Essential Oils and Pets:


Essential Oils and Pets: 10 Safety and Usage Tips


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