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I Love You Pioneer Woman.

I may have fallen in love with all things Pioneer Woman.

For many years I avoided the colorful lure of her dishes, cookie jars, and the ever whimsical salt & pepper shakers. However, a trip to Wal-Mart last week and a bit of online shopping has changed my mind on all things Ree Drummond.

Since I wasn’t a country gal, a wife to a rancher, and there are no cowboy boots in my closet I felt the country themes of Pioneer Woman weren’t for me.

I was wrong!

So wrong!

Just look at what I found!


Links To Merchandise:

Bluebird Salt & Pepper Set

Floral Cat Plates

The Pioneer Woman Patchwork Tablecloth, 70″ Round

The Pioneer Woman Celia 12 Piece Dinnerware Set Aqua

The Pioneer Woman Mercantile

Cat plates! I mean how can you go wrong with cat plates?!

Kristy Risner

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