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Quote Challenge Day 2

Thank you to The Lily Café! I not only love her blogs on motherhood, books, and life, but I think she is one amazing person. Please check out her blog; you won’t be disappointed!

The rules:

Thank the person who nominates you.

Post one quote per day for 3 consecutive days.

Nominate three new bloggers each day.

“As a Mom there will be a million things for you to feel guilty about. You need to decide when to let some of that guilt go.” – My Mom

I was sick with the flu one week and just had enough energy to take care of my daughter before I would pass out on the couch. To keep my daughter entertained I allowed her to watch cartoons for several days in a row while I tried to heal. I felt guilty because I couldn’t take her outside or play with her. I felt guilty because I was worried she was watching too much tv.

I called my Mom and this is what she told me. Stop feeling guilty over it; your daughter will be fine. My Mom is an awesome Mom and has a great down-to-earth approach to child rearing. She also isn’t afraid to be honest with me and tell it like it is. Thanks Mom, I will always remember this quote from you!

Kristy Risner



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