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Thoughts On Potty Training.

This is the Summer we start potty training. We have no set date for our daughter Katie to be “trained.” We work on her pace. We aren’t doing the three day no mercy potty training method. We’re training her in a style that works for her. We are also trying to not become stressed out over it. It isn’t easy, but as my Mom would say; “She won’t be graduating high school in her pull ups!”

What are we doing?

Keeping it real by realizing that she will have accidents and trying not to stress over that. If we are stressed and angry when she has an accident it will only discourage her. It does get frustrating having to clean up a mess. Never fun.

Encouraging her ever way we can.

Sometimes that means M&Ms and sometimes that means My Little Pony stickers on the bathroom wall. I made a mistake there. I didn’t have a plan on where she could place her sticker. Yeah.

We purchased underwear that we knew she would like and a little ladybug potty that she loves. Sometimes encouragement comes in the form of a high five, hug, or telling her how proud we are of her.

Understanding her.

There is one thing though that I have learned while potty training my daughter and that is to remember this isn’t easy for her. As an adult I think going to the bathroom is easy, but I have to think about how a three-year-old may feel about this big step. It’s strange for her to go from just pottying anytime and anywhere in her diaper to having to try to remember to make it to the bathroom in time to use her potty. The biggest change is the realization that she is taking a big step away from babyhood into childhood.

I can imagine this is tough. Tough to realize your leaving the safe a secure stage of babyhood to the unknown stage of “big girl.” Maybe liken it to realizing you are only a few years away from the big 40.

No, this is not a blog on how-to-potty train your child. I can’t share with you amazing tricks to make it easier. The only thing I will share is to do what is best for your child. Realize that even the best advice you receive may not work for your child.

Always remember that one day your struggling with potty training and the next your child is practicing driving a car in an empty church parking lot. This stage won’t last and that at the end of each stage is yet another stage to go through.

Kristy Risner

3 thoughts on “Thoughts On Potty Training.”

  1. We are right in the middle of it too. Almost two weeks now. It’s getting better everyday and almost no more accidents. First few days were NOT easy or fun at all, haha! Be we are all getting into a groove with it.

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  2. You’re a mom after my own heart! We did this with our son and it made potty training so much more relaxed. He didn’t feel pressured or that he was doing something wrong. He really loved going potty and fully potty trained himself in a week! Best of luck, and I love what your mom said!

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