We’ve Got The Crude.

You may have noticed that I haven’t posted any blogs lately and for that I am sorry. It’s not that I don’t want to it’s because my family caught…


We’ve been hacking, wheezing, running fevers, and just feeling like bowls of jello.

Seriously, it’s not fun.

Once we start feeling better I will be posting more blogs for you to read.

I do have some exciting news though! Tomorrow one of my blogs will be available to read over at The Lily Cafe! I am so honored to have one of my blogs posted there. I will share the link with you tomorrow. Thanks to Kat for allowing me to write a blog post for her site!

In the mean time I am drinking tons of water and resting. Will resume normal blog posting once the crude has passed.

Kristy Risner

The Lily Cafe:  https://katpersephone.wordpress.com/

3 thoughts on “We’ve Got The Crude.”

  1. I hope everyone gets better soon! Sounds miserable!

    I am likewise honored to have you as a guest! I absolutely love what you wrote and can’t wait for it to post. Just as I love your blog!

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