Random Thoughts


For the last week I have been dealing with the dreaded sinus pressure headache. Nothing seems to help relieve the headaches. I know it’s from allergies.

I love you Spring, but why do you hurt me?

We have a fine layer of yellow pollen that is covering our roof, sidewalk, and everything. I know tons of trees are pollinating now along with all kinds of weeds.

Coffee, Diet Pepsi, and Mucinex are my friends.

Don’t judge. I think it’s the fizz from the pop, but Diet Pepsi seems to help. Yes, this could just be all in my mind, but I am going to roll with it. I’m also a walking billboard for Mucinex. I just threw coffee in there because it makes me happy.

Anyone else dealing with allergies? Any advice on how to deal with it?

Kristy Risner

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