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Katie’s Birthday.

My daughter turned three last Sunday and what a great time celebrating we had! Though it wasn’t a fancy birthday party we still had a ton of fun. Who wouldn’t have fun when there’s cupcakes, birthday banners, and of course the PJ Masks!

Since my husband had off last Friday we took our daughter to the zoo. She had a lot of fun seeing all the animals and riding in the little wagon we rented there. I HIGHLY recommend renting a wagon for a toddler. Not only will it hold backpacks and water, but toddlers love riding in them. We saw giraffes, monkeys, and of course all the different cat species. My daughter loves cats.

We invited some of the family over for sandwiches and cupcakes. Since my daughter is a huge PJ Masks fan we had a PJ Masks birthday party. For Katie I created a PJ themed cupcake creation. The cupcakes were easy to make and a lot of fun to create. See below for details.

I love celebrating my daughter’s birthday, but there is always a little part of me that is sad to see her grow up. Happy birthday to my sweet daughter Katie! Mommy and Daddy love you!



PJ Mask Theme Cupcakes:

Gekko- Green frosting and cupcake liner. Add three green M&Ms down the cupcake for his scales.

Cat Boy- Light blue frosting and dark blue cupcake liner. Add two blue M&Ms for cat ears.

Owlette- Pink frosting and red cupcake liner. Add red sprinkles.

Romeo- White and black frosting combined and white cupcake liner.

Night Ninja- Dark blue frosting and light blue cupcake liner. Add edible silver stars.

Luna Girl- Gray frosting and black cupcake liner. Add glitter to the frosting.

12 PJ Masks Picks Pics Cupcake Cake Birthday Party Favors Toppers – Wal-Mart

Cupcake Dysplay – Wilton 307-2502 Display Your Way Adjustable Cupcake Tower

Kristy Risner

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