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Animal Alphabet Slide & Seek the ABCs written by Alex Lluch is a unique board book which encourages children to slide each letter of the alphabet to reveal an animal whose name starts with that letter. The illustrations are gorgeous! There are many animals I had no idea existed until I saw them in this book.

The Author:

Alex Lluch is the author of another seek and slide board book entitled Animal Numbers. Surprisingly, he is not a children’s author. Most of his books are on wedding planning, business, and dieting.

The Story:

A child reveals the animal associated with the letter from the alphabet.

What I Liked:

The board book is very sturdy. Compared to several board books, this one can survive a toddler’s rough handling. Even the sliding boards are sturdy. I am also impressed by the art work. The publisher designed the book with toddlers in mind. A great tool for young children to learn the alphabet.

What I Didn’t Like:

Pronunciation guides or cues would have been helpful. How in the world do you pronounce Xenops?

Would I Recommend Purchasing This Book:

Yes! I would also recommend this as a great gift to any toddler. The parents will love that it’s a well-made book. Toddlers will enjoy revealing the animals.

Kristy Risner

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