My Daughter

Just Hug It Out.

Katie was throwing a huge fit that was completely out of character. I’m not even sure why she was upset. I just simply told her lunch was ready. She reacted by throwing herself on the floor wailing and rolling around in anger.

She was clearly upset.

I clearly did not know what to do.

The only thing that I could do was pick her up and we hugged it out on the couch. She couldn’t communicate why she threw such a random and out of place fit. Once we sat on the couch and gave each other hugs she felt better. She even sat at the table and ate her lunch.

Being two isn’t easy. Let’s be honest, we all sometimes throw fits or have burst of emotions that we don’t understand why we feel like we do.

Sometimes we just need a hug.

Not ever outburst requires direct punishment. Sometimes it just requires us to listen, love, and forgive.

Kristy Risner

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