My Daughter

Let’s Go Swinging.

Do you have a toddler who likes to swing for an hour? We do! I can’t wait for the day she can swing herself.

Don’t get me wrong I love watching her have fun outdoors and I also love how much she loves to swing. I just don’t love pushing her in a swing. At first, it’s okay and then after twenty minutes you’re done standing there pushing.

Yes, I know I could give her a time limit.

Yes, I know I could force her to learn to push herself.

Yes, but..

How can you tell a little girl to stop swinging when she keeps telling you she’s Tinkerbell flying?

How can you tell her to stop when she keeps asking to go higher and higher?

Sigh, okay. Let’s just keep swinging.

Kristy Risner

3 thoughts on “Let’s Go Swinging.”

  1. You’re so lucky! I love swinging and pushing people on swings, but my son is scared silly of swings, so I’m stuck waiting for him to outgrow it, or for my daughter to finally be big enough. So cute that she says she’s Tinkerbell!

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      1. I hope so! My son was terrified of slides at first, but now he has to go on every one he sees and we even have one in the living room for him. At least it’s not time for monkey bars!


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