The Spooky Robot Dog.

Well, I had no idea Katie loved watching robots on Youtube. I’m not talking about cute little cartoon robots either I’m talking about real robots. My geek heart is overflowing with pride. I assumed she would be terrified of the headless robot dog, but she just kept laughing and smiling at him.

If you haven’t watched the videos yet I highly recommend you do. You can find all the videos of this robot dog named Spotmini on the Boston Dynamics Youtube channel. For those of you homeschooling this would be a neat teaching tool as well.

It’s amazing what this robot can perform. The latest thing it can do is open and hold doors which may not seem that thrilling, but when you realize how difficult it can be for a robot hand to perform such a task you will understand why it’s so cool. It also recognizes how long to hold the door open for an object or person walking through.

Let me geek out here, AWESOME!

Click this link to watch Spotmini open doors!

Kristy Risner

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