My Daughter

Mommy can’t do Braids.

Okay, I admit it I’m lazy when it comes to fixing my daughter’s hair. Most of the time her hair is in a haphazard ponytail or she just has a case of bed hair all day.  It doesn’t help that she squirms and dives when I’m trying brush her hair either.

There are times when I try though.

I’ve pulled her hair back in a cute ponytail for ballet, a set of cute pigtails, or a nice side ponytail decorated with a bow. Get the picture? I can only do ponytails.

Just don’t expect amazing.

I can’t french braid, the curling iron scares me, big bows seem like a bad fad that needs to go away, and Katie thinks the hair brush is evil.

What I do know.

Katie’s hair may be messy, but she knows her mommy loves her and that is what matters!

Kristy Risner

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