Random Thoughts

I Hate Discomfort.

Not going into any details, but I’ve just been in a situation that was very uncomfortable. I do not like uncomfortable situations. I just want everyone to like me. Just leave me alone. However, what happened to us left me with that uncomfortable feeling of anxiety.

Here is the thing.

God doesn’t promise the comfortable life.

When we stand up for the truth He doesn’t promise that everything will be awesome. That you will be that shining jewel among people.

When you speak for God’s truth or your loved one does more than likely people are not going to accept it warmly.

Here is the truth for me.

This isn’t about them or me it’s about God. The uncomfortable situation that I just went through God used to show me an area of my life that I struggle with.

I want people to like me more than I want God’s truth to be made know.

I want people to look at me with admiration more than to look at God.

I want people to leave me alone and just let me go about my day.

I want people to like my family.

I DON’T want to ever feel uncomfortable or go through a rough time.

There are a ton of things Kristy doesn’t want to do or would rather do. Following God isn’t about comfort and ease. I asked God to work in my life. I asked him to weed out those areas in my life that I struggle with. It just wasn’t what I really wanted to work on.

God knows that I struggle with worrying too much about what others think. I struggle simply in trusting in Him and casting my anxieties on Him. I want to fix everything and make everything right so that I feel comfortable again.

That is not how God works.

 “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” – I Peter 5:7

Kristy Risner

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