What I’m Reading

Teach Your Own The John Holt Book of Home Schooling By John Holt

A Year in Provence By Peter Mayle


What Katie Is Reading

Bon Voyage, Lucy! By Elizabeth Dennis Barton Illustrated By Milena Kirkova

Animal Alphabet Slide & Seek the ABCs By Alex Lluch

Llama Llama yum yum yum! By Anna Dewdney


Future Books For Katie

Interstellar Cinderella By Deborah Underwood Illustrated By Meg Hunt

*Will write a book review for Teach Your Own and Interstellar Cinderella

Written By: Kristy Risner


6 thoughts on “Books”

      1. Oh, it IS overwhelming! We basically just dove into it after my daughter started 2nd grade. We used recommendations from a family member and have mostly stuck with that. But with the baby, I feel like I’m starting over (because I am šŸ˜œ!) and have to do all the research to pick all the right “stuff”. Haha

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      2. It must be tough with a baby too! I’ve looked into maybe doing a combination of unschooling and using some curriculum. Not sure what curriculum yet though. If you know of a good curriculum let me know or even if you don’t use a curriculum.


  1. I am intrigued by unschooling and have considered it for my daughter. I would worry she’s not getting what she needs though and I personally am a girl who needs the plan made out for me šŸ˜‰. My daughter does tend to like workbooks too. We currently use Abeka for Language Arts and Math. For the other subjects we use and LOVE one called My Father’s World. It is a based on the Charlotte Mason method and literature based. We study History in a chronological timeline. My favorite part so far has been studying history and the Bible together on the same timeline. We are currently in early American history. Our plan (at the moment) is to finish out middle school with the curriculum’s we currently use and then she will probably move into Abeka Academy full time for high school. I can’t believe we are only a couple more years from that šŸ˜µ. At this point I’m not really sure what I will be doing with my younger one. At this age just reading lots of stories, library trips, and “natural” learning incorporated in our days šŸ˜Š.

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    1. Time flies! I can’t believe high school is just around the corner for her. šŸ˜¦ They grow up too fast. Thanks for all the information. That will help me as I continue to do research on homeschooling. I have a few years yet with her, but I feel researching now will be beneficial in the long run. Thanks for getting me started it helps to know where to start! šŸ™‚


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