Random Thoughts

Tornadoes and Other Such Things.

Can I say that I’m glad 2017 is over with? Granted we had some good times, but some not so good times. There was a husband looking for a job, not living in our own home, and the feeling of not knowing what to do with myself because of not having my own home. Oh yeah, and there was some random tornado too. All in all, a tough year for our family.

Don’t get me wrong as tough times go our tough time wasn’t nearly as bad as it could have been. We still had enough money saved up to support ourselves while my husband looked for a job, we still had food, clothing, shelter and a few extra things even though we weren’t living in our own home, and the tornado thing we walked out of it alive. Yes, things could have been worse.

There were some fun things that happened too last year. Even though it was a brief time I did find a fun Yoga class, Katie had fun with her grandparents in Texas and her grandparents in Colorado. We explored a small section of Texas, went to a zoo in Kansas, and had a fun trip to Manitou Springs, Colorado. I also was able to revisit Bent’s Old Fort in La Junta, Colorado one of my favorite historical parks. Not bad.

Then came the joy of my husband finding a job, the joy of finally searching for a home, the joy of buying a home, and the joy of moving into our home. Also, and this is a huge praise, the Lord providing us a church a great and wonderful church our family can be a part of.

Oh yeah….

The joy of going through this random tough year together as a family.

And the most important experience.

The joy that the Lord provided even when I was throwing a fit.

Okay, it wasn’t that bad.

I still don’t want to do it over again.

Written By: Kristy Risner

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