My Daughter

Fairies & Pixie Dust

One morning Katie woke up and she seemed like a different person. A different person in a good way. I’m not sure what happened between 8pm and 7:30am, but Katie changed a little. It seemed the little baby ways are slowing changing into toddler ways.

It started with how much Katie talked that day. Some of it I understood and some of it I had no clue I just know that I have never heard her talk that much before. She also clearly is understanding the word no.

The energy she had that day was incredible. She was bouncing around, twirling, dancing, and wrestling. I was wore out just watching her. I think she could have stayed outside all day just climbing and playing in the dirt.

What also struck me was her active imagination. As I worked around the house I listened to her play. She had a little story line going for her action figures and each figure was talking. She also mentioned several times to me that she saw pixie dust somewhere and that she herself was Tinkerbell. Amazing!

I have mixed feeling of course about all of this. On one hand I want to see her grow and develop and eventually become the adult she needs to be. On the other hand, I am saddened to see some of her baby ways disappear and to realize how fast children change. One day, I will be watching her interact as an adult woman and the sweet little baby I held in my arms will be too big to hold.

It’s sad, but it’s sad in a good way. Children were not meant to stay children forever yet, I can insure that she remains a child as long as she needs to and that her childhood will be full of twirling, climbing, fairies, and pixie dust.

Written By: Kristy Risner

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